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Steelcase Replacement Panel System Parts & Hardware

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Steelcase Pedestal Adapter Bracket
Pedestal Adapter Brackets- attach a 25" deep pedestal to a 30" deep Steelcase 9000® series steel laminate worksurface Part# PA2530
Price: $29.70 ea
Qty :
End Panel Access Cover- for Steelcae 9000 panels
Used with standard end panels and clear access end panels in the Steelcase 9000 ® series product line. This cover is a wire management design and can pass electrical wires that are routed through the end panel. Physical materials, dimensions and function are exactly that of the O.E.M. compatible.
Part# PC3676
Price: $16.20 ea
Qty :
Side Support Bracket-Moveable Wall-Manufactured to the exact dimensions of the O.E.M. part. As an added feature the top flange is notched to provide extra clearance in wire management applications. It can be used as a side support bracket or also a rear attachment bracket. Powder coated black. Sold & priced in pairs Dimensions: 1-3/4"w X 1-3/4"h X 8-1/4"long.
Part# SS4482
Price: $12.95 ea
Qty :
MW. Transaction Top Support Bracket
Low profile design (transaction top "style 2" bracket). Almost fully hidden when in use. O.E.M compatible. Constructed from heavy duty 14 gauge (.075") CR steel. Sold & priced in pairs - left hand/right hand. Design requires (2) pairs per counter top. Uncoated. Fasteners not included. Steelcase #25-9080797A&B.
Price: $26.95 ea
Qty :
Universa Flat Platel
3" x 5" Universal Flat Plate
Attaches two adjacent work surfaces at the same height for added strength and support. Support plates can be used on wood and composite work surfaces. Flat plates can also be used as a generic "mending plate" for many different applications. Made from heavy duty 12 gauge (.105" thick) galvanized steel. Hole diameter 5/16". Fasteners not included.
Price: $3.29 ea
Qty :
cantilever to cantilever bracket
Steelcase 9000 ® cantilever to cantilever bracket.
"Clone design style". Same dimensions as the O.E.M. version. 14 gauge (.075" thick) cold rolled steel. Sold uncoated. Steelcase #98754.
$3.42 each
Qty :
Steelcase End Stabilizer
End Panel Stabilizer Bracket
Part # EPS272
SC #722-3
$13.66 each
Qty :
Steelcase Murphy Bracket
Cantilever End Support Bracket (Murphy)
Part # CE2732
SC # 25585564
$8.12 each
Qty :

Steelcase Transition Top Suppor Bracket
Transaction Top Support Bracket
Part # TS782
SC #755
$19.80 each
Qty :
Steelcase End Panel Bracket
End Panel to Structural Panel Bracket
Part # EP377
$7.00 each
Qty :
Steelcase Work surface bracket
Rear Attachment for Corner  Work surface Bracket
Part # RA2329 Left / Right, Powder coated black
$24.24 each
Qty :
Steelcase Cantilever attaching bracket
Cantilever Attaching Bracket  to Wood Surface
Part # CA6845 uncoated
SC # 25970200V1
$4.35 each
Qty :
Steelcase Box drawer divider
Box Drawer Divider
Part # BD2693
$12.06 each
Qty :
Steelcase Bridge attachment bracket
Bridge Attachment Bracket
Part # BC2637
$9.03 each
Qty :
Steelcase Modile C Clamp
Module "C" Clamp
Part # CC1062
$11.00 each
Qty :
Steelcase Avenir Binder Bin Bracket
Avenir Binder Bin Bracket
Part #  BB4633
(Need Left And Right!)
$19.93 each
Qty : Select :
Universal Mounting Bracket
Universal Mounting Bracket
Part # CA25
$39.55 pair
14 gauge steel with 1-1/2" wide mounting flange and 5 screw slots. Overall length - 14 3/4". Sold in pairs only, right hand/left hand - uncoated. Min order 25 prs.
Qty :
Steelcase Moveable Wall Bottom Gate
CMW Bottom Gate
Slides under Finished End Cover to finish off bottom of panel. Perforated knock out to allow passage of electrical/communication cables through adjacent panel bases. Available painted or unpainted. Order 2 per panel. (see Paint Finishes)
Qty  Price Finish
Steelcase Moveable Wall Panel to Wall Bracket Kit
CMW Panel to Wall Bracket Kit
Kit includes top and bottom brackets. Used for securing panel to concrete or reinforced wall. Attaches the top and bottom of the panel perpendicular to concrete block or reinforced plaster walls. (see Paint Finishes)
Qty Price Finish
Steelcase Porkchop Kit
CMW Panel Connector Kit (Porkchop)
Connects CMW panels and OEM panels in straight-line,2-way, 3-way and 4-way conditions. Includes all parts to attach panels of equal height. Kit includes 2 "porkchops", 1 plastic "teardrop" corner piece, 1 plastic end piece, 2 pins and 6 tapered bolts. Sold as a kit only
Qty   Price  
Steelcase Moveable Wall Varying height Kits
CMW Varying Height Kit
Kit includes left and right hand connectors. Connectors clip to channel of taller panel and attach to top of short panel. Specify by height of lower panel. Straight connector attach to the top of the shorter panel, and hook into one both sides of the taller panel in straight line. OEM compatible. Use tapered bolts from "Porkchop" kit to attach to panels. Price  $13.68
H Qty    Select        Finish
CMW Panel Glides
3/8" - 24 x 1.875" glide with 1/2 inch square drive for use with CMW base frames and OEM panels. Order 2 per raceway.
Qty     Price ea
Standard Finishes
Gray Value 1
Tan Value 1
Warm Brown 1
Warm White
Solar Black
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