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Metro Super Erecta Convenience Pak Shelving

Super Erecta Convenience Pak provides a complete shelving unit in a single box.
Convenience Pak shelving is the easy-to-order alternative to separate shelving components.
Available in Super Erecta Brite, Chrome and Metroseal 3 finishes. Please inquire for a Quote - psorders@problemsolver.us
Each pack includes four shelves with split sleeves and four split posts with leveling feet. Each Unit is 74-1/2" High.
W / L Part # Super Erecta
Chrome Metroseal 3
18 x 36 EZ18 36BR-4 36NC-4 36NK3-4
18 x 48 EZ18 48BR-4 48NC-4 48NK3-4
18 x 60 EZ18 60BR-4 60NC-4 60NK3-4
24 x 36 EZ24 36BR-4 36NC-4 36NK3-4
24 x 48 EZ24 48BR-4 48NC-4 48NK3-4
24 x 60 EZ24 60BR-4 60NC-4 60NK3-4

Cantilever Shelf
Adds convenient space above a storage unit. Drop mat design creates a retaining ledge around the entire 12" deep shelf. Remember to order rear posts taller than the front posts to accommodate these shelves.
Length Chrome Black White Smoked Glass
24 1224CSNC 1224CSNBL 1224CSNW 1224CSN-DSG
30 1230CSNC 1230CSNBL 1230CSNW 1230CSN-DSG
36 1236CSNC 1236CSNBL 1236CSNW 1236CSN-DSG
42 1242CSNC 1242CSNBL 12425CSNW 1242CSN-DSG
48 1248CSNC 1248CSNBL 1248CSNW 1248CSN-DSG
60 1260CSNC 1260CSNBL 1260CSNW 1260CSN-DSG