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Metro home and home office furnishings

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Mobile Pantry Storage
Perfect for hard to reach areas in the pantry--just move the unit aside, reach for your necessity, and put back into place! Chrome 4-shelf unit shown here.
18" D x 36" W x 57" H
4 ea. 1836NC Shelves
4 ea. 54P Posts
1 pack HDC3BB Casters (4 casters/pk.)
Part# 761836MPS
Pantry Hi Rise Storage
14"D x 36"W x 74"H
Consists of:
7 ea. 1436NW Shelves
4 ea. 74PW Posts
Part # 761436PHRU
Pantry Storage Unit
14"D x 36"W x 74"H
Consists of:
4 ea. 1436NW Shelves
4 ea. 74PW Posts
1 pack HK23C Snap-on Hooks (4 hooks/pk.)
Part# 761436PSY
Bakers Rack
Simplify your storage needs by adding a baker's rack to the kitchen layout. Hooks allow you to hang utensils as well as light-duty pots and pans. Chrome unit shown here.
14"D x 36"W x 54"H Consists of:
3 ea. 1436NC Shelves
1 ea. 1236CSNC Ledge Shelf
2 ea. 33P Posts
2 ea. 54PW Posts
1 pack HK23C Hooks (4 hooks/pk.)
Part# 761436BRC54
Small bookcase
14"D x 36"W x 54"H
Consists of:
4 ea. LS1436B Shelves
4 ea. LS54PB Posts
Part# 761436SB
Copy Center
18"D x 36"W x 45"H
Consists of:
3 ea. LS1836B Shelves
4 ea. LS45PP Posts
Part# 761836CC
Office Tower
18"D x 18"W x 63"H
Consists of:
4 ea. LS1818B Shelves
4 ea. LS63PB Posts
Part# 761818OT