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MetroMax i® Stem Caster Carts

Corrosion proof shelves and posts.
Standard Unit consists of four shelves, MX63UP Posts, wedge connectors and choice of resilient rubber or polyurethane casters.
Approximate cart height 67-5/16. Weight capacity 900 lbs. evenly distributed.
Please inquire for a Quote - psorders@problemsolver.us
Open Grid Shelves

Two Swivel & Two Brake
Resilient Rubber Casters
Two Swivel &Two Brake
Polyurethane Casters
W/L (in.)
Part # Part #
18 x 36 X336BGX3 X336EGX3
18 x 48 X356BGX3 X356EGX3
18 x 60 X366BGX3 X366EGX3
24 x 36 X536BGX3 X536EGX3
24 x 48 X556BGX3 X556EGX3
24 x 60 X566BGX3 X566EGX3

Solid Shelves
Two Swivel & Two Brake
Polyurethane Casters
Shelf W/L (in.) Part #
18 x 36 X336EFX3
18 x 48 X356EFX3
18 x 60 X366EFX3
24 x 36 X536EFX3
24 x 48 X556EFX3
24 x 60 X566EFX3

Extended Handles for MetroMax i® Mobile System
These contoured handles attach easily to new or existing 18" or 24" MetroMax i® carts, dolly trucks and other mobile applications
Fits Unit Width Part
18 MEH18S
24 MEH24S

Utility Cart
Removable grids provide easy cleaning and open-architecture design allows for our full line of accessories to be used.
Shelf mats have built-in Microban® antimicrobial that protects them from bacteria, mold, mildew that cause odors, stains and product degradation.
W X L X H Part Des
18 x30 x 40 MXUC1830G25 2-shelf
24 x 36 x 40 MXUC2436G25 2-shelf
18 x30 x 40 MXUC1830G35 3-shelf
24 x 36 x 40 MXUC2436G35 3-shelf