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MetroMax Iq Storage

Combines the advantages of MetroMax i™ and MetroMax Q™ to create a storage system that's perfect for you - we call it MetroMax iQ™.
Quick to Adjust: Patented Corner Lock Release allows shelf adjustment in seconds . . . without tools! Shelves adjust at 1" increments.
Quick to Clean: Open-grid mats lift off for cleaning and fit easily into the dishwasher. All MetroMax Q shelving comes standard with Microban‚® antimicrobial product protection, built into the shelf mats to inhibit bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi that cause odors, stains, and product degradation.
Quick to Assemble: Assembles in minutes without tools!
Quick to Adapt: A wide range of accessories are available.
Quick to Move: Add any standard MetroMax Q casters to create a functional mobile unit.
Quick to Last: Polymer shelf mats have a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion. Posts have a fifteen-year warranty against rust and corrosion.
Please inquire for a Quote - psorders@problemsolver.us
Complete with Frame, mat, and wedge connectors.
Width/ Length Part #
18 x 24 MQ1824G
18 x 30 MQ1830G
18 x 36 MQ1836G
18 x 42 MQ1842G
18 x 48 MQ1848G
18 x 54 MQ1854G
18 x 60 MQ1860G
18 x 72 MQ1872G
21 x 24 MQ2124G
21 x 30 MQ2130G
21 x 36 MQ2136G
21 x 42 MQ2142G
21 x 48 MQ2148G
21 x 54 MQ2154G
21 x 60 MQ2160G
21 x 72 MQ2172G
24 x 24 MQ2424G
24 x 30 MQ2430G
24 x 36 MQ2436G
24 x 42 MQ2442G
24 x 48 MQ2448G
24 x 54 MQ2454G
24 x 60 MQ2460G
24 x 72 MQ2472G

Standard Interchangeable Posts
• MetroMax iQ: Epoxy coated steel with Microban antimicrobial product protection. • Stationary posts include an adjustable leveling foot to compensate for uneven floors. Leveling foot can be adjusted 1" (25mm)
• When mounting a shelving unit to a dolly base, stationary posts are used
• Special height cut posts are available
Height Stationary Mobile

Polymer Casters
Innovative polymer stem casters offer corrosion resistance and enhanced durability.
· All-polymer horn, stainless steel and axle and hardware, 5" (127mm) diameter polyurethane wheel, sleeve-style axle bearing and a optional toe-operated brake mechanism.
· Load rating of 300 lbs. (135kg) and a a temperature range from-20" to 120 degree F (continuous)
· Recommended for all medium-duty applications.
    Wheel Dia Wheel/Tread
Wheel Tread Type in mm in mm Part#
Polyurethane Swivel 5 127 1-1/4 32 5PCX
Polyurethane Brake 5 127 1-1/4 32 5PCBX
Polyurethane Rigid* 5 127 1-1/4 32 5PCRX
Polyurethane Swivel 5 127 1-1/4 32 5PCXM
Polyurethane Brake 5 127 1-1/4 32 5PCBXM

MetroMax iQ Stem Casters
Use with MetroMax iQ stem caster posts to create a storage and transport unit to meet you needs.
Type Wheel Tread lbs kg Part#
Stem/Swivel Resilient 200 91 5MX
Stem/Brake Resilient 200 91 5MBX
Stem/Rigid* Resilient 200 91 5MRX
Stem/Swivel Polyurethane 300 135 5MPX
Stem/Brake Polyurethane 300 135 5MPBX
Stem/Rigid* Polyurethane 300 135 5MPRX
Stem/Swivel Resilient Donut 250 113 5MDXA
Stem/Brake Resilient Donut 250 113 5MDBXA
Stem/Rigid* Resilient Donut 250 113 5MDRXA
MetroMax bumpers included.
*Note: Rigid caters are held in place by a connecting channel. When ordering, shelf width must be provided.

Used to "add on" one or multiple MetroMax i ™ storage systems while eliminating the cost of two posts per unit. Can be used to join units end-to-end, back-to-back, at right angles, etc. Two "S" hooks are required for each shelf.

Starter Units and Add-on Units
Save time and money by eliminating adjacent posts and replacing with “S” hooks
• Starter Units consist of four posts and indicated number of MetroMax iQ shelves.
• Add-On Units consist of two posts, indicated number of shelves, and two “S” Hooks per shelf, for attaching shelf to adjacent unit. 24"24"
5 Shelves 74" (1880mm) Posts
18" (457mm) Wide
Length Starter Add-On
24" 5Q317G3 5AQ317G3
30" 5Q327G3 5AQ327G3
36" 5Q337G3 5AQ337G3
42" 5Q347G3 5AQ347G3 
48" 5Q357G3 5AQ357G3
60" 5Q367G3 5AQ367G3
72" 5Q377G3 5AQ377G3
21" (530mm) Wide
24" 5Q417G3 5AQ417G3
30" 5Q427G3 5AQ427G3
36" 5Q437G3 5AQ437G3
42" 5Q447G3 5AQ447G3
48" 5Q457G3 5AQ457G3
60" 5Q467G3 5AQ467G3
72"  5Q477G3 5AQ477G3
24" (610mm) Wide
24" 5Q517G3 5AQ517G3
30" 5Q527G3 5AQ527G3
36" 5Q537G3 5AQ537G3
42" 5Q547G3 5AQ547G3
48" 5Q557G3 5AQ557G3
60" 5Q567G3 5AQ567G3
72" 5Q577G3 5AQ577G3

MetroMax iQ® Mobile Shelving
• Carts include four shelves, posts, and choice of resilient rubber or polyurethane casters
• Shelves adjust at 1" (25mm) increments
• Shelf mats remove for easy cleaning and come standard with *Microban® antimicrobial product protection built into the shelf mats to inhibit stain and odor-causing bacterial growth
Two Swivel, Two Brake Resilient Rubber Casters Two Swivel, Two Brake Polyurethane Casters
18 x 36 Q336BG3 Q336EG3
18 x 48 Q356BG3 Q356EG3
18 x 60 Q366BG3 Q366EG3
21 x 36 Q436BG3 Q436EG3
21 x 48 Q456BG3 Q456EG3
21 x 60 Q466BG3 Q466EG3
24 x 36 Q536BG3 Q536EG3
24 x 48 Q556BG3 Q556EG3
24 x 60 Q566BG3 Q566EG3