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Metro Super Adjustable 2™SuperErecta Shelving

The easiest adjustable wire shelving ever!
Please inquire for a Quote - psorders@problemsolver.us
Adjustable: Lift the release on each corner and adjust your shelf at precise 1" (25mm) increments in seconds.
Easy Assembly: No tools, no wasted time and best of all, no wasted space.
Improved Rigidity: Shelf releases and wedges have been reengineered for improved performance.
Unique Design: Open-wire design minimizes dust accumulation and allows a free circulation of air, greater visibility and light penetration.
What is Microban?
Super Adjustable2 Wire Shelves
in Chrome Metroseal 3 w/ Microban Stainless
14x24 A1424NC A1424NK3 A1424NS
14x30 A1430NC A1430NK3 A1430NS
14x36 A1436NC A1436NK3 A1436NS
14x42 A1442NC A1442NK3 A1442NS
14x48 A1448NC A1448NK3 A1448NS
14x60 A1460NC A1460NK3 A1460NS
14x72 A1472NC A1472NK3 A1472NS
18x24 A1824NC A1824NK3 A1824NS
18x30 A183ONC A1830NK3 A183ONS
18x36 A1836NC A1836NK3 A1836NS
18x42 A1842NC A1842NK3 A1842NS
18x48 A1848NC A1848NK3 A1848NS
18x54 A1854NC A1854NK3 A1854NS
18x60 A1860NC A1860NK3 A1860NS
18x72 A1872NC A1872NK3 A1872NS
21x24 A2124NC A2124NK3 A2124NS
21x30 A2130NC A2130NK3 A2130NS
21x36 A2136NC A2136NK3 A2136NS
21x42 A2142NC A2142NK3 A2142NS
21x48 A2148NC A2148NK3 A2148NS
21x54 A2154NC A2154NK3 A2154NS
21x60 A2160NC A2160NK3 A2160NS
21x72 A2172NC A2172NK3 A2172NS
24x24 A2424NC A2424NK3 A2424NS
24x30 A2430NC A2430NK3 A2430NS
24x36 A2436NC A2436NK3 A2436NS
24x42 A2442NC A2442NK3 A2442NS
24x48 A2448NC A2448NK3 A2448NS
24x54 A2454NC A2454NK3 A2454NS
24x60 A2460NC A2460NK3 A2460NS
24x72 A2472NC A2472NK3 A2472NS
30x36 A3036NC A3036NS
30x48 A3048NC A3048NS
30x60 A3060NC A3060NS
30x72 A3072NC A3072NS
36x36 A3636NC A3636NS
36x48 A3648NC A3648NS
36x60 A3660NC A3660NS
36x72 A3672NC A3672NS
Site Select Posts
Super Erecta Site Select posts are fitted with adjustable leveling bolts to compensate for uneven surfaces. Special length posts are available.
Ht Chrome Metroseal 3 w/
Stainless Black
7-1/2 7PBL
14-1/2 13P 13PK3 13PS 13PBL
27- 1/2 27P 27PS 27PBL
34-1/2 33P 33PK3 33PS 33PBL
54-9/16 54P 54PK3 54PS 54PBL
62-9/16 63P 63PK3 63PS 63PBL
74-5/8 74P 74PK3 74PS 74PBL
86-5/8 86P 86PK3 86PS 86PBL
96-5/8 *96P
Site Select Post for Stem Casters
Ht Chrome Metroseal 3 w/
Stainless Black
27-1/2 27UP 27UPS
33-7/8 33UP 33UPK3 33UPS 33UPBL
54 54UP 54UPK3 54UPS 54UPBL
34-1/2 63UP 63UPK3 63UPS 63UPBL
70 70UPK3
74 74UP 74UPK3 74UPS 74UPBL
86 86UP 86UPK3 86UPS 86UPBL