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Super Erecta® Mobile Wine Cart and Display Units
Store it!... Display it!...Sell it!...

Wine Cart
Mobile wine merchandiser is perfect for creating "impulse" opportunities.
The Wine Cart consists of the following components:
2- 1436NC shelves
1- 1236CSNC cantilever shelf
2- 13UP post (cut to 7")
2- 27 UP post
2- 5M swivel casters
2- 5MB swivel/brake casters
Please inquire for a Quote - psorders@problemsolver.us

Cradle Wine Units
Wire crates highly visible display. Wire forms a cradle that nests individual bottles. Shelves spread 5" (127mm) apart for easy access. Open wire permits free air circulation around bottles.
Width/ Length(in.) Overall Height(in.) Capacity (750ml bottles) Chrome
14x36 74- 3/4 126 WC237C
14x36 86- 3/4 153 WC238C
14x48 74- 3/4 168 WC257C
14x48 86- 3/4 204 WC258C

Cradle Wine Shelves Can be combined with 14" (356mm) deep Super Erecta Shelves.
Width/ Length(in.) Capacity
(750ml bottles)
14x36 9 W1436NC
14x48 12 W1448NC
Bulk Wine Units
Store large quantities in limited space-average one case per linear foot of shelf. Keep corks moist-inserts hold bottle at 10 degrees slant. Open wire design allows air flow for proper temperature maintenance. Units enclosed to secure product. Optional locking door available for the 16-case unit! Large 15" (381mm) space between shelves
Width/Length (in.) Overall  Height (in.) Cap.(750ml bottles) Chrome
14x36 74-3/4 12 WB237C
14x36 86-3/4 15 WB238C
14x48 74-3/4 16 WB257C
14x48 86-3/4 20 WB258C