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Cart & Shelving Covers

Protect contents from dust and other air-borne contaminants. Deter pilferage: Allow units to be loaded prior to transport Available in: Uncoated White (100% knitted polyester) Coated White (waterproof vinyl-nylon) Uncoated Mariner Blue (200 denier nylon) Coated Mariner Blue (waterproof vinyl-nylon) Choice of Velcro* or zipper closures.
Please inquire for a Quote - psorders@problemsolver.us
For Shelf Trucks & Carts 18" (457mm) Deep
Nylon Uncoated Nylon Coated (antimicrobial)
L/H Zippered Closure Velcro Closure Zippered Closure Velcro Closure
36x54 18X36X54UC 18X36X54VUC 18X36X54C 18X36X54VC
36x62 18X36X62UC 18X36X62VUC 18X36X62C 18X36X62VC
48x54 18X48X54UC 18X48X54VUC 18X48X54C 18X48X54VC
48x62 18X48X62UC 18X48X62VUC 18X48X62C 18X48X62VC
60x54 18X60X54UC 18X60X54VUC 18X60X54C 18X60X54VC
60x62 18X60X62UC 18X60X62VUC 18X60X62C 18X60X62VC
For Shelf Trucks & Carts 21" (530mm) Deep
48X54 21X48X54UC 21X48X54VUC 21X48X54C 21X48X54VC
48X60 21X48X62UC 21X48X62VUC 21X48X62C 21X48X62VC
48X74 21X48X74UC 21X48X74VUC 21X48X74C 21X48X74VC
60X54 21X60X54UC 21X60X54VUC 21X60X54C 21X60X54VC
60X62 21X60X62UC 21X60X62VUC 21X60X62C 21X60X62VC
60X74 21X60X74UC 21X60X74VUC 21X60X74C 21X60X74VC
For Shelf Trucks & Carts 24" (610mm) Deep
36X54 24X36X54UC 24X36X54VUC 24X36X54C 24X36X54VC
36X62 24X36X62UC 24X36X62VUC 24X36X62C 24X36X62VC
36X74 24X36X74UC 24X36X74VUC 24X36X74C 24X36X74VC
48X54 24X48X54UC 24X48X54VUC 24X48X54C 24X48X54VC
48X62 24X48X62UC 24X48X62VUC 24X48X62C 24X48X62VC
48X74 24X48X74UC 24X48X74VUC 24X48X74C 24X48X74VC
60X54 24X60X54UC 24X60X54VUC 24X60X54C 24X60X54VC
60X62 24X60X62UC 24X60X62VUC 24X60X62C 24X60X62VC
60X74 24X60X74UC 24X60X74VUC 24X60X74C 24X60X74VC
72X54 24X72X54UC 24X72X54VUC 24X72X54C 24X72X54VC
72X62 24X72X62UC 24X72X62VUC 24X72X62C 24X72X62VC
72X74 24X72X74UC 24X72X74VUC 24X72X74C 24X72X74VC