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Haworth®Panel Parts

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Shared Cantilevers
Haworth Cantilevers
Available in Charcoal Only
Description Price Qty
Right Cantilever $18.00
Left Cantilever 18.00
Shared Right 22.00
Shared Left 22.00
Corner Worksurface Bracket
Haworth Worksurface Bracket
Price Qty  
Counter Top Brackets
Haworth Counter Top Brackets
Part# Price Qty
WHC-CTB $28.00/pr
Tricircuit Electrical Power Feeds
Haworth Tri Circuit
UL Listed and approved
Compatible to Haworth OEM 5 wire Tricircuit electrical
10' ceiling height limit for all TFM's
Top feed stocked in smoke paint only
Price Qty
WHW-TFM-4 $360.00
WHW-TFM-6 360.00
End Caps
Haworth End Cap
Unpainted Powerbase End Caps for use with Unigroup OEM or Clone Powerbase Baseplates
Part# Price Qty
WHC-EC-1 $6.75 ea
Flush Mount Kit
Haworth Flush Mount Kit
Kit includes 2 plates and screws
Part# Price Qty
WHC-FMK $16.00 ea
Ganging Bracket
Haworth Ganging Bracket
Ganging Bracket with Screws.
Part # Price Qty
WHC-GB $6.00/ea
Carpet Grippers
Haworth Carpet Griippers
Part # Price Qty  
WHC-CG $2.00
Flipper Door Front CORE ONLY
Haworth Flipper Door Fronts
Unigroup unfinished hollow core flipper fronts.
Qty :
Panel Glides
Haworth Panel Glides
Used to stabilize the 90° connection between the end panel and the worksurface when the end panel doesn't meet a panel seam.
Des Price Qty
80.5" Glide $3.75
Panel Mount Kits
Haworth Panel Mount
Unpainted Panel Mount Kit for use with Unigroup Worksurfaces.
Kit includes right and left bracket with screws.
Part # Price Qty
WHC-PMK-1 $30.00/pair
Pencil Drawer
Haworth Pencil Drawer
Plastic pencil drawer w/glides.
Available in Charcoal Only.
21"W x 16" D
Part # Price Qty
NGH-PPD-16 $49.95
Shelf Ends
Haworth Shelf End
Unigroup unpainted shelf ends Regular and Low depth available shelf end screws included
Qty :
Reg Depth $21.00 ea :
Right Left
Low Depth $20.00 ea :
Right Left
Shelf End Safety Clip
Shelf End Safety Clip
Safety Clip for use with Unigroup shelf ends.
Part # Price Qty
Tack Board Clip
Tack board clip
Unpainted clip. Right and Left available.
Part # Price Qty
WHC-TB-CLIP $6.00 ea
Shelf Pan
Haworth Shelf Pans
Unigroup unpainted shelf pans. Regular depth only.
Qty :
Size :
Side Rail
Haworth Side Rails
Unigroup unpainted side rail. Fits Haworth OEM panel core.
Qty :
Haworth Tasklight
Mounts under Haworth regular shelves.
Available in Black Only.
Will not mount under deep shelves.
Shelf sizes Width Price Qty
36" wide or smaller 24" $79.00
42" wide and larger 36" 84.00
Top Cap
Haworth Top Cap
Qty :
Size :
Coat Hook
Haworth Coat Hook
Injection Molded Clear Plastic.
Available in 2" or 2-1/4"
Price Qty : Select
$5.95 :
Coat Hook
Haworth Coat Hook
Heavy gauge steel, fully welded & powder coated satin black.
Use for Unigroup or Places systems.
Price Qty  
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