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Metro Super Erecta® qwikSLOT™ Shelving

qwikSLOT™ Shelves Add-A-Shelf Metro qwikSLOT shelves offer the quality of Super Erecta with the convenience of easily adjustable and removable shelves.
• Shelves are supported by a unique support system that snaps into the posts, allowing instant shelf adjustment.
• Four shelf clips are provided with each shelf.
• Each unit requires a standard Super Erecta shelf at the top and bottom
Please inquire for a Quote  psorders@problemsolver.us
Width/Length Part Super Erecta Brite Chrome Black White Smoked Glass
14 x 36 1436 QBR QC QBL QW Q-DSG
14 x 48 1448 QBR QC QBL QW Q-DSG
18 x 36 1836 QBR QC QBL QW Q-DSG
18 x 48 1848 QBR QC QBL QW Q-DSG
18 x 60 1860 QBR
21 x 36 2136 QBR QC QBL QW Q-DSG
21 x 48 2148 QBR QC QBL QW Q-DSG
21 x 60 2160 QBR
24 x 36 2436 QBR QC QBL QW Q-DSG
24 x 48 2448 QBR QC QBL QW Q-DSG
24 x 60 2460 QBR
Note: A typical unit will incorporate 4 qwikSLOT posts, at least 2 standard Super Erecta Shelves (one at the top and bottom of unit) and as many qwikSLOT shelves as desired between the top and bottom shelf.
Note: A qwikSLOT shelf is rated at 300 lbs. 135kg) per shelf. A typical qwikSLOT is rated at 800lbs. (375kg) capacity per mid-height on the unit.
Note: Mobile Applications require an intermediate standard Super Erecta shelf installed approximately at mid-height on the unit.