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Metro C5 Series Accessories

Side Handles
Stainless Steel tubular handles (pair) mounted to each side of the cabinet for mobile applications.
Bumper & Drip Trough
Polymer drip trough bumper (pair) mounts to the front and back of the cabinet. Standard on 9 Series cabinets.
Full Perimeter Bumper

1 Series Perimeter Bumper C5-PERIBUMP-1 ea
Door Latch Options
Flush Latch Handle C5-LATCHFLUSH
Twist Locking Handle C5-LATCHTWIST
Key Locking 5-LATCHLOCK
Plug Options
Twist Lock Plug C5-RTWSTPLG
Right Angle (p-Style) Plug C5-RTANGPLG
Control Panel Cover
Locking cover protects settings but allows the cabinet to be turned on and off.
1 Series Rear Push Handle
Stainless steel tubular handle mounted to the back of the cabinet
Caster & Leg Options
Universal Slide Pair Chrome C5-USLIDECPR
Pizza Universal Slide (2 pieces) C5-ZUSLIDECPR
Full Height Stainless Steel Universal Slide Upgrade C5-SSUSLIDES-9
3/4 Height Stainless Steel Universal Slide Upgrade C5-SSUSLIDES-7
1/2 Height Stainless Steel Universal Slide Upgrade C5-SSUSLIDES-5
Under Counter Stainless Steel Universal Slide Upgrade C5-SSUSLIDES-3
Universal Slide Pair (2 piece) Stainless Steel C5-USLIDESPR
Small Item Wire Shelf
Stainless steel wire shelf for use with universal slides (does not work with lip load cabinets) increases cabinet capacity and makes cabinets more versatile.
Small Item Shelf C5-SHELF
Small Item Shelf for Pizza Series C5-ZSHELF