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Metro qwikSLOT Security Storage Units

Ready View of Contents: Heavy gauge open wire construction keeps contents visible at all times, making it easy to check inventory.
Optional Adjustable Intermediate Shelves: Patented easily adjustable shelf designs — Super Adjustable Super Erecta, MetroMax Q, and qwikSLOT — allow flexibility to meet changing needs. Can be positioned in 1" (25 mm) increments along the entire height of post.
Patented, Ergonomic, 1/4-Turn Door Handle: Makes opening and closing the unit easier than conventional security unit designs.
Double Door: Each door opens 270 degrees and can be secured along the sides of the unit.
Mobile Units: Available in Standard and Heavy-Duty models. Heavy-Duty units offer increased rigidity and durability for applications such as crossing thresholds.
Stationary Units: Posts have leveling feet to compensate for uneven surfaces.
Time Saving Assembly: Metro security units assemble quickly — right out of the box.
Shipped Knocked-Down: Saves on freight costs. Easily assembled. 
Please inquire for a Quote - psorders@problemsolver.us
qwikSLOT Stationary Security
·Add/Remove-A-Shelf Features: Allows the unit to quickly adapt to your changing storage needs.
·Shelves can be adjusted easily in seconds.
·Each unit requires a standard Super Erecta shelf at the top and bottom.
Width Length Height Chrome
21-1/2 38-1/2 66-13/16 SEC33CQ
21-1/2 50-1/2 66-13/16 SEC35CQ
27-1/4 38-1/2 66-13/16 SEC53CQ
27-1/4 50-1/2 66-13/16 SEC55CQ
27-1/4 62-1/2 66-13/16 SEC56CQ

qwikSLOT Mobile Security
Standard Duty Stem Caster Models: Features 5" swivel casters. Please note model numbers for specific caster types.
Caster Type Width Length Height Chrome
(2) 5MP/5MPB 21-1/2 40-3/4 68-1/2 SEC33ECQ
(2) 5MP/5MPB 21-1/2 52-3/4 68-1/2 SEC35ECQ
(4) 5MP 27-1/4 40-3/4 68-1/2 SEC53DCQ
(4)5MP 27-1/4 52-3/4 68-1/2 SEC55DCQ
(4)5MP 27-1/4 65 68-1/2 SEC56DCQ
(2) 5MP/5MPB 27-1/4 40-3/4 68-1/2 SEC53ECQ
(2) 5MP/5MPB 27-1/4 52-3/4 68-1/2 SEC55ECQ
(2) 5MP/5MPB 27-1/4 65 68-1/2 SEC56ECQ

qwikSLOT Mobile Security Heavy Duty
Features aluminum dollies with wraparound bumpers and 5" diameter casters.
Caster Type Width Length Height Chrome
(2)5BP/5BPB 28-1/16 38-1/2 68-1/2 SEC53LCQ
(2)5BP/5BPB 28-1/16 50-1/2 68-1/2 SEC55LCQ
(2)5BP/5BPB 28-1/16 63-/8 68-/2 SEC56LCQ

Intermediate Shelves
Width Length Chrome
18 36 1836QBR
18 48 1848QBR
24 36 2436QBR
24 48 2448QBR
24 60 2460QBR