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Metro C5™ Pizza Holding Cabinets

Metro® C5™ Pizza Series heated holding cabinets hold pizza hot and maintain that “straight from the oven” taste. Double deep box capacity allows you to hold two 16" pizza boxes per level. Simple and effective temperature controls, passive humidity generation system, and a wide
variety of configurations make the C5 Pizza Series the ideal solution for the high volume pizza purveyor.
Please inquire for a Quote - psorders@problemsolver.us
Doors Slides Stainless Steel Aluminum
Full Height      
Dutch Solid Universal C5Z69-SDS-U C5Z69-NDS-U
Dutch Solid (4) Shelves C5Z69-SDS-S C5Z69-NDS-S
Dutch Clear Universal C5Z69-SDC-U C5Z69-NDC-U
Dutch Clear (4) Shelves C5Z69-SDC-S C5Z69-NDC-S
1/2 Height
Full Solid Universal C5Z65-SFS-U C5Z65-NFS-U
Full Solid (4) Shelves C5Z65-SFS-S C5Z65-NFS-S
Full Clear Universal C5Z65-SFC-U C5Z65-NFC-U
Full Clear (4) Shelves C5Z65-SFC-S C5Z65-NFC-S
Full Height Pass-Thru
Dutch Clear/Dutch Clear Universal C5Z69-SDC-UPDC C5Z69-NDC-UPDC
Dutch Clear/Dutch Clear (4) Shelves C5Z69-SDC-SPDC C5Z69-NDC-SPDC
1/2 Height Pass Thru
Full Clear/Full Clear Universal C5Z65-SFC-UPFC C5Z65-NFC-UPFC
Full Clear/Full Clear (4) Shelves C5Z65-SFC-SPFC C5Z65-NFC-SPFC