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Metro Controlled Temperature Heated Cabinet

Metro® C5™ 8 Series Controlled Temperature Heated Holding Cabinets are designed to precisely maintain food temperature. Intelligent temperature control takes the guesswork out of holding your food product. Simply set the desired cabinet temperature and the proprietary 8 Series controller does the rest by continuously monitoring, displaying, and maintaining the internal temperature of the cabinet. Precise control gives professional results.
Adjustable universal wire slides on 1-1/2" increments with SiteSelect™
Lip-load slides for sheet pans.
Optional small item shelf.
Removable water pan for passive humidity generation.
Double pane, insulated, tempered glass doors.
Easy-to-clean surfaces
Built-to-last door latches and lift-off hinges.
High-quality casters.
Recessed handles on all four corners
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Full Height
Doors Slides Stainless Steel Aluminum
Full Solid Universal C589-SFS-U   C589-NFS-U
Full Solid Lip Load C589-SFS-L   C589-NFS-L
Dutch Solid Universal C589-SDS-U   C589-NDS-U
Dutch Solid Lip Load C589-SDS-L   C589-NDS-L
Full Clear Universal C589-SFC-U   C589-NFC-U
Full Clear Lip Load C589-SFC-L   C589-NFC-L
Dutch Clear Universal C589-SDC-U   C589-NDC-U
Dutch Clear Lip Load C589-SDC-L   C589-NDC-L
3/4 Height
Full Solid Universal C587-SFS-U   C587-NFS-U
Full Solid Lip Load C587-SFS-L   C587-NFS-L
Full Clear Universal C587-SFC-U   C587-NFC-U
Full Clear Lip Load C587-SFC-L   C587-NFC-L
1/2 Height
Full Solid Universal C585-SFS-U   C585-NFS-U
Full Solid Lip Load C585-SFS-L   C585-NFS-L
Full Clear Universal C585-SFC-U   C585-NFC-U
Full Clear Lip Load C585-SFC-L   C585-NFC-L

Full Height Pass-Thru
Doors/Rear Doors Slides Stainless Steel   Aluminum
Full Solid/Full Solid Universal C589-SFS-UPFS   C589-NFS-UPFS
Full Solid/Full Clear Universal C589-SFS-UPFC   C589-NFS-UPFC
Full Solid/Full Solid Lip Load C589-SFS-LPFS   C589-NFS-LPFS
Full Solid/Full Clear Lip Load C589-SFS-LPFC   C589-NFS-LPFC
Dutch Solid/ Dutch Solid Universal C589-SDS-UPDS   C589-NDS-UPDS
Dutch Solid/ Dutch Clear Universal C589-SDS-UPDC   C589-NDS-UPDC
Dutch Solid/ Dutch Solid Lip Load C589-SDS-LPDS   C589-NDS-LPDS
Dutch Solid/ Dutch Clear Lip Load C589-SDS-LPDC   C589-NDS-LPDC
Full Clear/ Full Clear Universal C589-SFC-UPFC   C589-NFC-UPFC
Full Clear/ Full Solid Universal C589-SFC-UPFS   C589-NFC-UPFS
Full Clear/ Full Clear Lip Load C589-SFC-LPFC   C589-NFC-LPFC
Full Clear/ Full Solid Lip Load C589-SFC-LPFS   C589-NFC-LPFS
Dutch Clear/ Dutch Clear Universal C589-SDC-UPDC   C589-NDC-UPDC
Dutch Clear/ Dutch Solid Universal C589-SDC-UPDS   C589-NDC-UPDS
Dutch Clear/ Dutch Clear Lip Load C589-SDC-LPDC   C589-NDC-LPDC
Dutch Clear/ Dutch Solid Lip Load C589-SDC-LPDS   C589-NDC-LPDS
1/2 Height Pass Thru
Full Solid/Full Solid Universal C585-SFS-UPFS     C585-NFS-UPFS
Full Solid/Full Clear Universal C585-SFS-UPFC     C585-NFS-UPFC
Full Solid/Full Solid Lip Load C585-SFS-LPFS     C585-NFS-LPFS
Full Solid/Full Clear Lip Load C585-SFS-LPFC     C585-NFS-LPFC
Full Clear/Full Clear Universal C585-SFC-UPFC     C585-NFC-UPFC
Full Clear/Full Solid Universal C585-SFC-UPFS     C585-NFC-UPFS
Full Clear/Full Clear Lip Load C585-SFC-LPFC     C585-NFC-LPFC
Full Clear/Full Solid Lip Load C585-SFC-LPFS     C585-NFC-LPFS