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Make your own Custom Cut to Length File Bar or File Rail

file bar and file rail
Wizard Custom File Bars and File Rails are for side to side filing
as well as front to back filing

custom cut file bar
Wizard Custom File Bar System
Galvanized Steel Works in Metal or Wood Cabinets
Can be custom cut to any size up to 40"
Use with our WFC41 or WFC42 Clips.
Part # WFB40 Standard 40"
Price ea: $10.74
Qty :    
Custom Cut Bar
Price ea : $12.24
Qty :
Desired Length :
Custom Bars are Non Returnable, Non Refundable
Custom Bars are Non Returnable, Non Refundable
file bar clips-for metal drawers
For use in metal drawers
Price: $2.96 ea
Qty :
file bar clips-forr wood drawers
For use in wood drawers
Price: $2.96 ea
Qty :
See cutting Instructions Below
how to measure your file cabinet
Drawer Size from wall to wall Bar Size
27 26-7/8
30 29-7/8
33 32-7/8
39 38-7/8

A- For Side-to-Side filing Measure the inside distance from drawer wall to drawer wall. Then subtract 1/8" for the actual bar length. (see table as example) Each clip takes up 1/16" (see above) Cut the rod to the required dimension using a hack saw, chop saw or band saw. If needed, use a file or piece of fine grit sandpaper to knock off any burr that may occur.
B-For Front-to-Back
First determine if there is a lip or edge that the clip can attach to. If so, the above instructions apply here also.
If not, than you must first create a side-to-side filing bar it now becomes the edge that the front-to-back bar attaches to.
*Don't forget to remove any sharp edges with a file.