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Knoll Calibre File Cabinet Parts

Knoll Plastic Label Holders
Knoll Plastic Label Holders
Label holders are designed for standard Knoll Calibre fronts, and are not compatible with Morrison fronts. Labels are included Part # 5ZNNL
Price: $41.16/pkg.10
Qty :  
Front to back Hanging rail (pair)
Hanging rails for front-to-back and side-to-side are provided standard.
Order two hanging rails and front-to-back hanging rails as
needed to convert a component. Price: $36.00
Qty :
Hangrail provides side to side filing in Knoll calibre cabinets that are 30" 36" or 42" exterior width
30" 5Z4NB $20.65
36" 5Z6NB $20.65
42" 5Z8NB $20.65
Knoll ganging harware kit
Ganging hardware kit Part# 5Z4NN
Multiple freestanding files or cabinets should be ganged for security.
Price: $16.00
Qty :
Knoll media t bar
Media bar (T-bar) for hanging tape reels/EDP binders
Will accommodate most retail brand tape reels and/or Wrightline ™type EDP printout hangingdevices. For use only in 15 fixed shelf components. Media Bars are painted in Black.
30" 5Z4NG $92.00
36" 5Z6NG $92.00
42" 5Z8NG $92.00
Knoll Calibre Dividers
Dividers (pkg of 3) Part# 5ZNNE
Price: $37.00
Qty :
Drawer Dividers(3) w/ attachment back for 6" high drawer Part# 5ZNNE
Order dividers with attachment back when converting a component.
30" 5Z4N6DP 32.00
36" 5Z6N6DP 37.00
42" 5Z8N6DP 37.00
Set of 3 drawer dividers 6" high Part# 5Z6DP
Price: $28.95
Qty :